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Nice to meet you, we’re Pau and Kev.

We’re two beans in the Universe with a shared love for the outdoors, travel, and food. After sharing many adventures together, we decided to create a blog to share our trips and encourage others to get outside too! 

What is Outlandish?

Outlandish is an outdoor adventure, travel, and lifestyle journal.

With us you will find:

  • Trip reports
  • Food recommendations
  • Travel photography
  • Gear reviews
  • Logistics
  • Introspective think pieces
  • & more as our blog evolves

Why make Outlandish?

We wanted to have a place to journalize all our experiences in a way that could also help others make their own plans for outdoor activities. Whether it be ideas for travel itineraries or logistics for weekend backpacking trips, we want to let others be able to venture on their own adventures. But most importantly, we hope our experiences will encourage others to build a stronger relationship with the planet and make more environmentally conscious decisions.

So feel free to follow us, chat with us, or give us any recommendations as we document our experiences on our Earth. ?


(adj.) foreign; strikingly out of the ordinary, bizarre; remote from civilization